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School holiday
adventures for
8-17 Year

Creating a school from home

Although children complain about going to school, it might surprise you that they actually love it! They enjoy the routine, the social aspects of school life and more importantly the learning. Their daily routine will be disrupted for the foreseeable future and it will be up to the parents/carers to provide a learning environment in which they can still strive and progress with their education.    

One way this can be achieved is by creating the same learning setting similar to that of the school. For a start, free one area of a room, with a table or desk, to be used for school work. Encourage your children to keep exactly to their same school timetable from Monday to Friday.

They must be ready to begin their school work at 9 a.m. and finish at 3 p.m., with a mid-morning and lunchtime break. Teachers will be providing work packs every day and will be marking them regularly. These can be either be found on the school’s website or hard copies will be provided by the school. Furthermore, pupils can still keep in contact with their teachers by their school’s email address.


Why not encourage your children to wear their school uniform during their home school time? Your children might not like this idea; however, it will save on your laundry bill! This will remind them that although they are not physically in the school building, they are in an academic environment and need to behave accordingly.


It is important for children to recognise the difference between the two activities of working at learning and leisure. This will go some way to prevent them from being bored with doing nothing all day. In addition to this, keep reminding them that this isolation will not last forever and they must keep up with their school work or they will fall behind. School is not just about passing exams, it is the gaining of knowledge, understanding and enjoyment in many subjects which is important for developing life skills.

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