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School holiday
adventures for
8-17 Year

A goodie for bored children at home, and parents! Who can beat the clock first? Time each member of the family and discover what type of scavenger they are.

Collect each item in a bag or basket, and tick each item off the list. Ready, steady, go!

  • A pair of matching socks
  • A toy smaller than your hand
  • A photo of someone you love
  • Something you can see your reflection in
  • 2 things that are blue
  • A paperback book
  • An object that has three different colours
  • Something that allows you to tell the time
  • 3 things that are green
  • A small car or something that features a car
  • Something smelly
  • A round object

What type of scavenger are you…

Completed in less than 10 minutes

You’re at the top of your game, I wouldn’t be surprised if you have super powers too! A detective in the making… or do you secretly work for the MI5?! Well done!

Completed in less than 20 minutes

Very good effort, your smart thinking and well-thought out planning clearly helped you with this challenge. The hare doesn’t always win the race. Great work!  

Anything over 20 minutes
Never mind, better luck next time!  

Secret agent