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School holiday
adventures for
8-17 Year

Which emoji are you?

The quiz you and your children have been desperate to play is here… which emoji are you? Do you thirst for adventure, or a hot chocolate? Have a go and discover your inner emoji…

Question one: When the waves are high, what is the first thing you would do?
A: Grab a surf board and hit the waves of course
B: Head back to my sun lounger to read my book
C: Get my paintbrushes out; this would make a fantastic painting!

Question two: A friend wants to buys you a subscription to a magazine for your birthday, which magazine do you choose?
A: Science + Nature; exploring is what I enjoy the most
B: First News; I love to be in the know with current events
C: Mollie Makes; days filled with crafty projects are the best

Question three: It’s your first day at Kingswood Camps, what would you enjoy doing the most?
A: Zipwires, leap of faith, and powerfan – the more thrilling the better!
B: A problem solving challenge like crate stack; working that out would be so easy
C: Bushcraft! It would be so much fun to make a shelter and campfire from nature

Discover your inner emoji:

Scored mostly As

Adventure is in your veins, you’re a natural when it comes to trying new activities; your fearless nature and love of exploration are truly admirable.

You are the surfer emoji! 

Adventurer emoji blog 3

Scored mostly Bs

If we ever get stuck with a challenge, you’ll be the first person we will call! You’re super smart with a wonderful thirst for knowledge. 

You are the detective emoji!

Adventurer emoji blog 1

Scored mostly Cs

Our crafty friend, you’re brilliantly talented and great with your hands. You have a wonderful outlook and amazing creative ability.

You are the artist emoji!

Adventurer emoji blog 2