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Packing list

Please note this information applies to kids camps only, for information about family adventures, please contact us

We recommend you pack the following for a week’s stay*:

  • Jeans or trousers
  • Underwear
  • Shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Jumpers or sweatshirts
  • Suncream
  • Anorak or waterproof jacket
  • Trainers
  • Old shoes
  • Socks
  • Dressing gown
  • Night clothes suitable for the dormitories
  • Tracksuit or similar
  • Slippers
  • Towel 
  • Wash bag with soap, flannel, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant (non-aerosol only) and brush
  • Plastic bag for dirty clothes 
  • A smarter outfit for the weekly disco and camp review 
  • Swimming things (including extra towel) for Isle of Wight, Grosvenor Hall, West Runton and Overstrand Hall (subject to availability).

*Applies to Adventure Choice

If your child is attending any of the following holidays: Surf School & Watersports 

Please also bring:

  • Additional towel
  • Wet socks or old trainers
  • Swimming costumes 

Mobile phone policy

We do appreciate that mobile phones and cameras are part of our modern world and whilst you may wish for your child/ren to bring their phones/cameras to camp; please ensure that they are insured since Kingswood Camps will not accept any responsibility for loss, theft or damage. We do suggest that it does make for a better experience if mobile phones remain at home as this allows for a more enriched camp experience. We expect all campers to use their phones/cameras responsibly and for parents/guardians to discuss this with their child prior to camp. All campers must adhere to the following guidelines and failure to follow these will be considered a breach of policy and may result (after discussion with parent/guardian) in the phone being confiscated and/or the camper being disciplined or removed from camp. Phones and cameras:-

  • must not be used in dormitories

  • must not be used during activities

  • must not be used during meal times

  • taking of photographs/media of other campers or staff is permitted with their permission only

  • there is no access to Kingswood Camps Wifi ·parents can contact the Camp and arrange a call with child/ren if required

  • posting of inappropriate and unauthorised text and images in not supported by Kingswood Camps and is the responsibility of the mobile phone/camper operator to ensure that they are using appropriately.

We can arrange for phones/cameras to be placed within our security box and given back to receive calls from home if required.

Please don’t bring these items

Expensive designer trainers and clothing, MP3 players, tablets, too much money, games consoles, skateboards, pen knives, lighters and matches, food (your child will get plenty at camp!), expensive cameras, stereos, aerosols (e.g deodorants, hairspray) and torches.

Lost and found

Kingswood Camps accepts no responsibility for guests’ items left on camp. When contacted, we will however, make every effort to locate lost items and return them to you subject to a postage and packaging charge. We strongly recommend you purchase a Kingswood Camps t-shirts or camp kit whilst on camp. You might want to also include this packing list with your child’s things – we find it helps them remember what they’ve packed at the end of their stay. Please make sure all personal items are labelled with the child’s name.

Staff and safety

What experience do your staff have?

We recruit our staff from all over the world to ensure we have the perfect mix of skills to meet the needs of all of our guests. All our instructors go through a rigorous recruitment process including two interviews, an extended assessment course consisting of observed teamwork and leadership exercises and a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

What happens when my child arrives at camp?

Our camp team will take them to the arrivals area where they will be checked in at the following desks:

Senior Camp Coach – they will meet a member of the Senior Camp Coach team who will welcome them to camp, give them their camp specific wristband, tell them which bedroom they are staying in and which group they will be doing their activities with for the week.

Welfare desk – a member of our Welfare Team will meet each child to introduce themselves. Any medical and dietary needs and requirements can be discussed at this time (privately if preferred). Holiday extras desk – we’ll confirm any excursions booked and give your child a camp kit if you’ve ordered one. They’ll also have the chance to add extra excursions if required (subject to availability).

Camp bank desk – this is where your child will deposit their pocket money for the week and hand in any valuables for safe keeping. Children can withdraw money from the bank to spend on souvenirs or take out on excursions.

Do you have first aid cover?

Yes. There are qualified first aid staff on site at all times.

Is camp safe?

The security of our guests on a Kingswood centre is extremely important to us. All of our centres have well defined boundaries, often with security fencing, and our largest sites have security gates and CCTV at the main entrance. All centres have had a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment completed and operate to our Fire Safety Policy. All guests have the fire evacuation procedure explained to them on arrival, and will undertake a fire drill during their first evening on centre.

How are campers accommodated?

The overnight experience is a big part of camp life so creating a good balance of guests within the dormitories is key. We aim to ensure that guests of a similar age range, normally primary age and secondary age with considerations to limiting this to no more than two years apart. Genders will be accommodated on separate floors or buildings. We expect all guests to treat each other in line with our code of behaviour and adhere to the guidelines which will be discussed during their welcome within 24 hours of arrival.

What care is available during the night?

Our official activity slot finishes at 9pm(10pm at Overstrand Sunday – Friday, 11pm on Saturday, the final night of Camp) but areas will be made available for guests who want to have some time to relax together. Bedtime is at 10pm (11pm at Overstrand Sunday-Frdayi, midnight on Saturday). Camp coaches are accommodated near the campers and House Wardens are available throughout the night if guests require assistance. Additionally a night duty team patrol the site throughout the night ensuring guests remain cared for and to provide additional support if required.

Do camper’s clothes get washed?

We offer a laundry service specifically for children staying at camp for longer than one week. If this is the case, please ensure your children’s clothes are labelled. 


Ofsted is the Office for Standards in Education, Children’s Services and Skills. It inspects and regulates services which care for children and young people, and those providing education and skills for learners of all ages.

National childcare register

The Childcare Register is for providers in England who care for children up to the age of 17. The register is in two parts, with compulsory and voluntary registrations depending on the type of provision. Our holiday centres at Dukeshouse Wood, West Runton, Overstrand and Isle of Wight are on the voluntary register and comply with the requirements for childcare providers on non-domestic premises. Inclusion on the Childcare Register requires us to meet national standards on child welfare and safeguarding arrangements, the suitability of our teams, the safety of our premises, the organisation of our provision and communication with parents and with Ofsted. Further information about the registration system can be found at www.ofsted.gov.uk.


The safety and welfare of the children in our care is our highest priority. We commit to:

  • Recruiting only those suitable to work with children
  • Completing backgrounds checks through the Disclosure and Barring Service
  • Having a Designated Safeguarding Children Officer at each of our camps
  • Providing safeguarding training for all staff who have close contact with children
  • Operating reporting systems for anyone to raise a concern

Contacting Ofsted

If any problems should arise during your child’s stay, the matter should be reported to the camp manager as soon as possible to give us the opportunity to put things right. If it is not resolved you should write to us within 28 days of the end of the holiday and we will endeavour to find a satisfactory solution.

If you do not feel we have resolved your concern, and your child has attended one of our registered camps, you can report it directly to Ofsted by writing to:

Piccadilly Gate
Store Street
M1 2WD

Other ways of contacting Ofsted can be found on their website www.ofsted.gov.uk

Camp welfare

We strongly believe in including all young people in our programmes and recognise our responsibility to ensure our facilities are as accessible as possible. Please speak to our team early on in your planning process if you are concerned about the well-being or additional needs of your child. We will always do our best to accommodate all requirements however on occasion, where we are not able to fully support specific requirements we will discuss this with you.

How are camps organised?

Kingswood Camps is modelled along the lines of American summer camps with each camp having a dedicated Management Team, supported by camp coaches, activity instructors and catering and domestic teams. Being part of Kingswood and run at our own centres, we’ve got over 30 years’ experience in providing outdoor adventure experiences for young people.

How do you deal with welfare issues, like homesickness?

We know how important the welfare of your child is, so each camp has a dedicated Welfare Manager on site. They’re great at turning tears to smiles and helping children get fully involved in camp life. If our staff have any concerns they will of course contact you as you know your child best. Equally you should call our team if you have worries.

How do I contact my child?

If it is necessary to get in touch with your child, you can use email, or if you’d prefer to phone, you can call the camp by midday Monday to Thursday and we will do our best to arrange a phone call for the same evening. Please note we do have limited phone lines and cannot guarantee a specific time on any given day.

How do staff deal with discipline and behaviour?

We strongly believe in including all young people in our programmes and recognise our responsibility to ensure our facilities are as accessible as possible. Every one of our guests is treated equally and each has a right to enjoy themselves, have fun and feel part of a group and cared for. We are totally committed to the safety and welfare of   the children in our care and look out for signs of anti-social or negative behaviour, including bullying. However, we may not spot everything; so please let us know immediately if you are ever concerned about the wellbeing of any child. Our disciplinary procedures range from informal warnings for small misdemeanours (such as loud behaviour or swearing) to more formal warning for frequently poor behaviour.  For persistent or serious behaviour such as bullying, wilful damage and anti-social behaviour we reserve the right to send any child home immediately at the parent/guardians expense if they are affecting the enjoyment of other guests or placing themselves or others in danger.  This will be discussed at the welcome meeting with campers within 24hours of arrival.

What happens on an off-site excursion?

Trips are usually to well-known places of cultural or historical interest and are designed to be a mixture of enjoyment and learning about the area. Trips are usually led by at least two members of staff per coach. Our staff will be responsible for giving an informative commentary on the bus and/or on the walking tour on  historical and local information. Free time, for example for shopping, is only given if the children are in a safe, compact area with little danger of their getting lost or in trouble.

What is the food like?

We serve three hot meals per day, with lots of choice and seasonal variations. Each day there is a carefully balanced and nutritional meal plan, regularly updated to meet and exceed the latest Government standards on children’s meals. Please let us know about any special dietary requirements before arrival.

How do you handle special educational needs?

We have comprehensive information available about special educational needs and additional requirements of our guests which is available at kingswoodcamps.co.uk. Although this page contains lots of useful information, experience has taught us that the best way to understand the extent, and limitations, of the provision our centres offer, is for parents to speak to us and discuss their requirements. Please speak to our team early on in your planning process if you are concerned about the well-being or additional needs of your child. We will always do our best to accommodate all requirements however on occasion, where we are not able to fully support specific requirements we will discuss this with you.

Code of behaviour

Our Code of Behaviour is based upon mutual respect and tolerance. Kingswood Camps is about safely having fun, making friends and trying new and positive experiences. We insist that our code is followed at all times. As an organisation we are also committed to and support anti-bullying campaigns and will not tolerate anti-social practices whenever and wherever they occur. We therefore insist that if any parent/guardian has concerns or is aware of a history of a child being unable to comply with points raised within our Code then we should be contacted immediately. We will carefully consider matters and advise on whether we feel the camp is an appropriate holiday choice with particular references to such considerations as access, successful participation and health and safety. Please remember that we always reserve the right under our terms and conditions of booking, to exclude any child after holiday commencement, if their behaviour is incompatible with the general enjoyment and well-being of others.

• Kingswood Camps fully supports the National Anti-Bullying Campaign and will not tolerate bullying of any nature at our camps.

•  For the safety and well-being of all guests at camp, we reserve the right to invoke Clause 6.5 of our Booking Conditions should any guest refuse to adhere to this Code of Behaviour. “We reserve the right to decline to accept or cancel any Booking or exclude any Child at any time prior to or during the Holiday if in Our reasonable opinion the behaviour of that Child is or may be disruptive, dangerous, annoying, or incompatible with the general enjoyment of other visitors.”

•  Campers can bring mobile phones with them, which can/will be looked after for safekeeping in security boxes in the camp office and given to the children to receive calls from home during specific times. Mobile phones may not be held for safekeeping for children at Overstrand Hall between the ages of 15-17 so we do recommend that these items are fully insured.

Campers will be expected to adhere to the dorm guidelines including:-

  • You must not enter another person’s room even if you are a friend or family
  • You must inform a member of staff if there are any concerns relating to another camper/yourself or contents
  • Your rooms must be kept clean and tidy
  • No food or drink allowed in rooms (exception water)
  • Spray deodorants and hairsprays must not be used in rooms and can only be used in shower areas
  • After lights out, guests must stay in rooms and be considerate of others.

Exceptions would include;

  • if the fire alarm sounds
  • they require assistance from the camp coach or house warden
  • they need to use the bathroom
  • they are instructed to do so by the staff
  • Contents of the room must be respected and nothing is to be deliberately damaged/broken or removed. If there is any concern regarding contents guests are expected to advise the camp coach.

Behaviour deemed inappropriate includes, but is not limited to:

1. Bullying (in any form). 2. Leaving the site unless accompanied or agreed by a member of Kingswood Camps staff. 3. Threatening behaviour, foul, offensive or insulting language to other guests or Kingswood Camps staff. 4. Consumption of alcohol. 5. Suspected involvement with illegal drugs. 6. Smoking by any camper. 7. Entering accommodation used by the opposite sex or fostering an inappropriate relationship with another camper. 8. Wilfully leaving allocated accommodation blocks, without good reason, after lights out. 9. Theft, vandalism or illegal activities. 10. Inappropriate behaviour. 11. Accessing and/or publishing inappropriate or offensive content on the internet/social media.

Drugs and alcohol

Consumption of alcohol by guests is banned at all Kingswood centres. Any student found in possession of, or using, any illegal substance will immediately be dismissed from the camp and may be prosecuted by the police. All of our centres have very strict rules on smoking and we only allow access to our designated smoking area for 16 or 17 year olds where parental consent has been given on the medical form. Smoking outside any authorised area is a serious offence for which guests will be sent home.

Complaints procedure

Every year Kingswood welcomes tens of thousands of young people from across the world. However, rarely something may occur which may not meet your expectations regarding delivery and service, which is disappointing for all involved. Our aim is to put things right wherever possible. Our complaints procedure with full details of how to register a complaint is available at kingswoodcamps.co.uk