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10 reasons the outdoors makes us happy

Smile, breath in the fresh air, look out for miles and run around with a sense of freedom... at Kingswood Camps, we are celebrating the great outdoors on International Day of Happiness, as being outside and surrounded by nature brings us so much happiness. Do what makes you happy on this day - we will be outdoors! 

Here are our top ten reasons we think the outdoors is ACE! 


1. Reduces stress

The feeling of being around nature lowers the heart rate and creates a sense of inner peace and happiness.

2. Makes you feel alive

Sometimes we can feel removed from reality when we spend a lot of time looking at social media and computer games. As soon as we step outdoors and away from technology, surrounded by forests and beautiful landscapes, we feel more alive.

3. Increases sense of adventure

Remember the days when the most important thing was making a tree house and riding your bike? Getting outdoors ignites a sense of adventure and discovery in everyone.

4. Boosts vitamin D

With the spring and summer months approaching, being outdoors is a great way to boost your vitamin D levels - which helps to keep our muscles, bones and teeth healthy and strong.

5. Enjoyable exercise

The thrill of running around outdoors and taking part in adventurous activities is a great way to exercise as it’s so much FUN! And it won’t feel like hard work!

6. Increases productivity

Using energy creates energy! If you are feeling tired or stuck on a project, take a break from your computer by going outdoors for a walk. It will give you a new lease of energy and fresh eyes when you return to work.

7. Look up, you can see for miles!

We love this one, especially at night, gazing at the stars and reflecting on how amazing nature is really makes us happy.

8. Observe animals

We are so fond of wildlife at Kingswood Camps, just sitting back and watching what’s happening in a tree or by a lake - after a while you can see wonderful creatures going about their daily lives and you can observe how they work together and nurture their young. Incredible!

9. Experience new smells

We all know the smell of freshly cut grass can be invigorating, but it’s also interesting to get outdoors and see how many different smells you can smell, from the sweetest roses to the more unusual and unpleasant smells in nature!

10. Provides inspiration

Don't just take our word for it! some of the world's greatest art and literature was inspired by the great outdoors. 
On an emotional level, nature makes us very happy - thank you for making us smile! 

Get outdoors this summer!

A summer camp is a great opportunity to get outdoors and re-energise before the new school year. Check out our 'what's available where? page to find your nearest summer camp.

Get outdoors with Kingswood Camps