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School holiday
adventures for
8-17 Year

Become an outdoor adventurer

Our 12 outdoor adventure challenges

Immerse your children in the great outdoors with our handy twelve step guide to becoming an outdoor adventurer – it’s their chance to embrace nature and get to know the local wildlife.

Encourage your children to enjoy the outdoors and complete each of our 12 challenges as a family, you could have a go at one each month, or for any very enthusiastic adventurers, you could complete them over a few months!

Receive an Outdoor Adventurer certificate

We will send an Outdoor Adventurer certificate to each child that completes every challenge. To claim your certificate, send us a photo of you and your child completing each challenge to

Here are our 12 challenges, good luck!

January challenge: Search for animal footprints

Wonder which animals roam in your garden at night? Check for footprints in the frost and patterns on the grass

February challenge: Take tree rubbings

Get to know the differences in trees – take a piece of paper and place it on the bark, then rub a crayon over it

March challenge: Light a fire safely

Collect twigs and branches from the garden to make a small fire in a fire proof container (with parental supervision)

April challenge: Predict the weather - Observe animals

Birds become quiet before it rains whilst cats like to clean their ears before the rain!

May challenge: Feed some wildlife

Hedgehogs have now come out of hibernation. Leave some cat food (non-fished based) and some fresh water out and see if a local hedgehog pays you a visit

June challenge: Make a daisy chain

Collect a batch of 10 daisies, make a small hole in the stem of one, then thread through another and continue until you have made a long chain then fasten each end together

July challenge: Stay in a tent in your garden overnight

Enjoy a night in the great outdoors surrounded by nature, under the stars

August challenge: Build your own den

Collect some large sticks and weave them together with string – you could even cover with large leaves

September challenge: Have a go cooking outside

After you’ve made a small fire (with supervision) melt some marshmallows on special sticks, you could even dips these into melted chocolate

October challenge: Make a dreamcatcher

Use a piece of willow and make a hoop, wrap some twine around so it looks like a spider’s web and hang some feathers off it

November challenge: Predict the weather - Check the grass for dew at sunrise

This indicates clouds or strong breezes, which can mean rain. If there’s dew, it probably won’t rain that day.

December challenge: Collect pine cones

These make wonderful Christmas decorations – you could even spray them another colour such as silver or gold