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School holiday
adventures for
8-17 Year

Get creative this bonfire weekend!

Before you head out to watch your local fireworks display this November 5th, have a go at our creative bonfire crafts to take part in with your family. You can create some fun decorations, or some edible treats? Take a look at our fun activities below…

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Create your own colourful fireworks at home

Keep hold of your empty toilet rolls, grab some paint and glitter and create a colourful fireworks display!

Simply cut the toilet roll all around from one end to make thin strips, dip the ends in paint, and or glitter and then print them on paper for your very own fireworks display. Or, to add another texture, why not dip a fork into paint and place on your canvas?


Make your own edible firework sparklers

Bonfire night is the perfect occasion to eat plenty of marshmallows. However, just before you turn them into smores, or toast them over a campfire why not decorate them to look just like fireworks! We have created a simple step by step guide on how to make your own delicious firework sparklers which you can download below. Just remember that real sparklers can’t be eaten!

Download our guide here.

A toasty smores reipe

Smores are our favourite Bonfire night snack. Check out our recipe for an easy guide on how to make some delicious smores at home.

Download our guide here