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Healthy Sugar Swaps for Sugar Awareness Week

Sugar is a delicious treat and is present in some of the nation’s favourite foods – and hidden in foods you wouldn’t think of! However, everything should be consumed in moderation and recent research has found that we’re having too much sugar as a nation.

This is why Action on Sugar have created the Sugar Awareness Week campaign for us to take time to recognise how much sugar is in the food we eat and be mindful about cutting down on our sugar intake.

As this can be tricky in 2020, we’ve put together some healthy sugar swaps for you and your family if you’re thinking about trying to cut out sugar this year!

Change 4 Life Website

The NHS have an amazing website called Change 4 Life that focuses around cutting down sugar in children’s diets – they suggest making healthy swaps for breakfast, lunch and dinner including: swapping popular breakfast cereal for porridge or wheat biscuits. Swapping chocolate and biscuits as a treat at lunch with fruit, sugar free jelly or malt loaf.

For after school snacks they suggest crackers with low-fat cheese, rice cakes, chopped veg with hummus.

They have a number of fantastic snack-swap ideas at their website and brilliant tips for eating a balanced, healthy diet. Check it out here.

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That Sugar Movement

That Sugar Movement also have a number of fantastic ideas for cutting down on sugar, including recipes for healthier ketchup alternatives and other popular condiments.

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Independent – Top Sugar Swaps

The Independent have put together their top sugar swaps, highlighting the biggest culprits of hidden sugar content and suggested alternatives.

They are –

  1. Sugary breakfast cereals
  2. Milkshake and other drinks
  3. Yoghurts and Puddings
  4. Processed foods with long ingredient lists
  5. Snacks in general – they advise sticking to three solid meals a day!
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BBC Good Food

BBC Good Food have also put together their top tips for cutting out sugar as a family this year, including helpful information about using traffic light labels and creative recipes to get inspired by.

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As always, Pinterest have fantastic ideas for sugar-free recipes including 50 healthy snacks (with vegan and gluten free options) and scrumptious lunch ideas.

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There is loads of helpful advise on the NHS Change 4 Life if you’re interested in reading more about healthy sugar swaps. You can find it here.