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School holiday
adventures for
8-17 Year

Summer holiday adventures that grow up with your children


Find the perfect summer camp, whatever your child's age

Whether you have an inquisitive eight year old or a too-cool-for-school teen, finding childcare solutions and activities to keep them entertained during the summer holidays can be a headache for any parent, particularly if you have children of different ages, or you find that your child has outgrown the playscheme or group they attended last year. Fortunately, summer camps such as Kingswood Camps offer options for every age so that the summer camps experience grows up along with your child.

At Kingswood, our visitors are put into groups of similar ages, meaning siblings of different ages can meet new friends, and have the reassurance of seeing a familiar face from time to time.

Whichever location, activity or excursion your child has chosen, we want to ensure that our young visitors are always having fun and are confident to try new challenges. That’s why all our young visitors are put into different age groups; it allows us to tailor activities to the perfect level of challenge for each group.

Each group has a dedicated camp coach, who acts like a big brother or sister to provide friendly support, gentle encouragement, safe supervision and a fair few laughs. It’s all part of ensuring everyone has as much fun as possible with their new friends, backed up by great support from someone who’s looking out for them.


Adventrues for all ages

8-10 year olds

Our summer camps allow young adventurers to spread their wings, make new friends and discover new skills in our ‘home away from home’ atmosphere. The camp coaches who look after our guests are particularly skilled at making sure this age group are having as much fun as possible, whilst feeling looked after, particularly if it’s their first trip away from home.

11-14 year olds

We give young people and early teens the opportunity to embrace every aspect of camp life, from sharing dorms to scaling climbing towers, developing valuable life skills and building self-esteem, whilst making new friends from over 75 countries around the world. Our team gently encourage them to push their boundaries and try exciting new adventures.

15-17 year olds

We know that older teens are looking for independence and adventure in the summer holidays. That’s why our camps provide a place for adrenaline junkies and fun-lovers to experience extreme challenges and enjoy a fantastic selection of evening entertainment, while chilling out with new friends and enjoying a greater sense of freedom.

Choosing a summer camp

With a huge variety of activities available at summer camps, kids happily go back to camp year after year to try something new. Our activities take place inside and out, overland, underground, on the water and even in the air. Campers try something new each day from favourites such as high ropes activities and watersports and a fun evening programme including discos and campfires. The best way to get a full flavour of everything on offer is an Adventure Choice programme but campers can also focus on a favourite activity with specialist camps - Surf School, Watersports and Bear Grylls Survival Academy. 

Summer camps are more affordable than you might think. Many venues accept payment using childcare vouchers and you can often find special offers for camps, especially if you book early.

A name you can trust

When choosing a summer camp, it is important to choose a name you can trust. Kingswood Camps have over 30 years’ experience in creating active, challenging, fun and inspiring experiences for young people in a safe and nurturing environment with a skilled and trustworthy team. Kingswood Camps operate at five UK locations from urban locations to woodland hideaways and coastal retreats.