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Top five life skills learnt at camp

Top five life skills learnt at camp

Our 2018 kids' only camps have just been announced! And we’re reflecting on the amazing life lessons young people learn while they’re at Camp, and it’s so much more than you may think…

1. Trust

Lots of our activities rely on team work and trust, such as Jacob’s Ladder. Young people need to work as a team to make it to the top of this challenge. They need to communicate effectively with each other, discuss options, weigh them up and decide on the best course of action – and in doing so, learn to trust each other.

2. Self-confidence

Arrival day at camp can feel challenging for some young people, as they may feel out of their comfort zone. With our friendly camp coaches on board even the shyest of children will be made to feel part of the group and as each day passes, every child will develop a greater feeling of confidence and self-belief - whether it’s to try a new activity or bond with new friends. Camp is a great way to encourage young people to come out of their shell.

3. Independence

Camp may be the first time a young person stays away from home, and away from their normal group of friends. A week at camp gives a young person their first taste of freedom and independence, it’s a fantastic place to develop their own voice and opinions, and to feel that a sense of achievement through fending for themselves from making their own beds to braving new activities! - Of course, our camp coaches are always on hand for support and advice where it is needed.

4. A new skill

From fencing to abseiling and archery to paddle boarding, we have over 60 activities at our centres to choose from! Whether taking on a fear of heights or simply trying something new, our activities have a brilliant mix of challenge and fun for every young person. We are super proud of our ‘challenge by choice’ policy whereby every young person decides for themselves whether they want to have a go or not, without any pressure and with total support in their decision. 

5. Social mobility

Through their camp experience, young people will be making new friends with other children from different backgrounds and cultures – each year young people from over 75 countries visit us! Camp is such a brilliant social experience, where young people get to talk to people outside of their usual circle, make new friends and create memories to treasure forever.

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