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Frequently asked questions

Before Camp starts

How do I pay? Can I spread the cost? 

There are a number of payment options available and childcare vouchers are accepted, making it easier to spread the cost. At the time of booking a deposit of £40 per child per week is required. The cost can be spread over several months, otherwise payment of the balance is then due within 56 days of arrival. See our booking and payment page for more information.

How does my child get to camp?

Parents can choose to drop off their children at camp between 3pm and 5pm on their first day, or take advantage of our escorted travel service at a coach pick up point near you.

What should my child bring with them?

Apart from their sense of adventure? Clothes suitable for the experience are a must, but there aren’t a lot of other items your child will need to bring. We’ve put together a list of items you should (and shouldn’t!) bring to camp.

Can they bring their mobile or tablet?

They can bring their mobile, we advise not to bring any other expensive technology. We do ask that children give us their phones for safekeeping, and we give them access to them at specific times of the day. This means that they thoroughly enjoy the adventure and aren't tied to their phones. We do ask that their phones are insured as our insurance doesn't cover them. You can always get in contact with them via email and we can organise for you to speak to them.

How do you deal with welfare issues, like homesickness? 

We know how important the welfare of your child is, so each camp has a dedicated Welfare Manager on site, as well as the Camp Coaches. They’re great at turning tears to smiles and helping children get fully involved in camp life. If our staff have any concerns they will of course contact you as you know your child best. You can also call our team if you have any worries.

Do you cater for all dietary requirements (and fussy eaters?) 

Yep. You’ll have the opportunity to let us know all about your child before they arrive. We’ll check that we can accommodate their allergies and intolerances and ensure they have a healthy, balanced diet at camp. We serve three hot meals per day, with lots of choice and seasonal variations. Each day there is a carefully balanced and nutritional meal plan, regularly updated to meet and exceed the latest Government standards on children’s meals.

How do you manage allergies and medical requirements?

We just need to be informed before the child comes to camp of any medical requirements or allergies. You will need to complete a form to ensure that we have all the information we need, and also to bring along to the camps any medicines properly labelled for your child. 

How do you handle special educational needs? 

We have comprehensive information available about special educational needs and additional requirements of our guests. Experience has taught us that the best way to understand the extent, and limitations, of the provision our centres offer is for parents to speak to us and discuss their requirements directly.

Please speak to our team early on in your planning process if you are concerned about the well-being or additional needs of your child. We will always do our best to accommodate all requirements, however, on occasion where we are not able to fully support specific requirements we will discuss this with you.

Do I have to purchase travel insurance? 

Travel Insurance is highly recommended for an adventure camp. At Kingswood Camps we offer our own travel insurance policy specially tailored to cover every exciting adventure activity that we offer. If you take out your own travel insurance, we recommend you check the policy covers adventure holidays – as many don’t include some of the more ‘extreme’ activities available at Kingswood Camps.

When they arrive

What happens when my child arrives at camp? 

Our camp team will take them to be checked in at the following desks:

  • Senior Camp Coach – they will meet a member of the Senior Camp Coach team who will welcome them to camp, tell them which bedroom they are staying in and which group they will be doing their activities with for the week

  • Welfare desk – a member of our Welfare Team will meet each child to introduce themselves. Any medical and dietary requirements can be discussed at this time (privately if preferred)

  • Holiday extras desk – we’ll confirm any excursions booked and give them the chance to add extra excursions if required (subject to availability)

  • Camp bank desk – this is where your child will deposit their pocket money for the week and hand in any valuables for safe keeping. Children can withdraw money from the bank to spend on souvenirs or take out on excursions.

During Camp

How do I contact my child? 

If it is necessary to get in touch with your child, you can use email, or if you’d prefer to phone, you can call the camp by midday Monday to Thursday and we will do our best to arrange a phone call for the same evening.

Can the younger children keep up with the older children? 

Nobody is left behind at Kingswood! All of our camps deliver age specific activities so the first timers get just as much fun and reward from each activity as the older and more experienced.

Staff and safety

What experience do your staff have?

We recruit our staff from all over the world to ensure we have the perfect mix of skills to meet the needs of all of our guests. All our instructors go through a rigorous recruitment process including two interviews, an extended assessment course consisting of observed teamwork and leadership exercises and a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check.

What care is available during the night? 

Official activities finish at 9pm but areas are available to those who want to relax together after this. Bedtime is at 10pm. Camp coaches will be positioned near camper dormitories, while our night duty team will be on call throughout the night to ensure that all students are in their rooms, not disturbing other guests and are safe.

How do I know my child will be safe? 

The safety and welfare of our guests is of paramount importance to us. All our instructors go through a rigorous recruitment process including two interviews, an extended assessment course consisting of observed teamwork and leadership exercises and a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check. There are qualified first aid staff on site at all times.

Are all the coaches and staff DBS checked?

Yes, all our instructors have rigorous training and recruitment process, and a DBS check. Read our safety and accreditation page for more information.

Do campers clothes get washed?

We offer a laundry service specifically for children staying at camp for longer than one week. If this is the case, please ensure your children’s clothes are labelled. 

Discipline and behaviour 

How do you dorm? And what if someone in the room is disruptive?

Where possible we try to keep the number of young people in each room as low as possible, however in some cases on particularly busy weeks rooms could sleep up to our maximum numbers. Minimum and maximum numbers vary per location and can be found on our individual camp pages within the 'Adventures' section.

The overnight experience is a big part of camp life so creating a good balance of guests within the dormitories is key. We aim to ensure that guests of a similar age range, normally primary age and secondary age with considerations to limiting this to no more than two years apart. Genders will be accommodated on separate floors or buildings. We expect all guests to treat each other in line with our code of behaviour and adhere to the guidelines which will be discussed during their welcome within 24 hours of arrival.

When there is a young people who is being disruptive and by being so is jeopardising the enjoyment and well being of the other guests on centre, then this individual will go through the Camp Discipline process which may result in the camper being moved rooms. See below for more information on discipline and behaviour. 

How do staff deal with discipline and behaviour? 

We strongly believe in including all young people in our programmes and recognise our responsibility to ensure our facilities are as accessible as possible. Every one of our guests is treated equally and each has a right to enjoy themselves, have fun, feel part of a group and cared for. No one is left out of any session or activity, our Camp Coaches ensure that everyone is included, involved and having fun - they're a bit like a big brother or sister who's looking out for our campers. We have a strong welfare commitment to the children under our care and look out for any signs of bullying or anti-social and negative behaviour, however we can’t spot everything so please let us know if you are ever concerned about the well-being of your child immediately.

Our disciplinary procedure ranges from informal warnings for small misdemeanours such as running in the canteen or loud behaviour shortly after lights out, to formal verbal warnings for frequently demonstrated similar behaviour or non-malicious room damage. For more persistent or serious behaviour including teasing, bullying, willful damage and anti-social behaviour we can issue a written warning, and we reserve the right to send any child home immediately at the parent/guardians expense if they are affecting the enjoyment of other guests, or placing themselves or others in danger.

How do you identify and manage bullying?

We are constantly monitoring for any signs of bullying as we want all the children to enjoy their time with us.  Our camp coaches are trained to look out for any signs as they spend the most time with the children, and the night staff are also trained to keep an eye out during the night for anything they think could be anti-social behaviour.  However, if your child at any point tells you that they are worried, then please do tell us immediately. 

Drugs and alcohol 

Consumption of alcohol by guests is forbidden at all Kingswood centres. Any student found in possession of, or using, any illegal substance will immediately be dismissed from the camp and may be prosecuted by the police. All of our centres have very strict rules on smoking and we only allow access to our designated smoking area for 16 or 17 year olds where parental consent has been given on the medical form.