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School holiday
adventures for
8-17 Year

Not sure what to pack?

If your child’s off to camp and you’re wondering what to pack you’re in luck as we’ve thought of everything for you.

Essentially you can pack anything you like, but there are two essential items to take which are… comfortable trainers and sunscreen. Even in lower temperatures during the summer, as a lot of a young person’s time is spent outside, they will be at risk of sunburn. Our camp coaches remind young people to apply sunscreen before each activity day and at intervals during the day.

Here’s our packing list of items your child could take, don’t worry if you don’t have all of these items, they are simply our recommendations. 

Packing list

We recommend you pack the following for a week on an Adventure Choice holiday

  • Jeans or trousers
  • Underwear
  • Shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Jumpers or sweatshirts
  • Suncream
  • Anorak or waterproof jacket
  • Trainers
  • Old shoes
  • Socks
  • Dressing gown
  • Night clothes suitable for the dormitories
  • Tracksuit or similar
  • Slippers
  • Towel 
  • Wash bag with soap, flannel, toothpaste, toothbrush, deodorant (non-aerosol only) and brush
  • Plastic bag for dirty clothes 
  • A smarter outfit for the weekly disco and camp review 
  • Swimming things (including extra towel) for Isle of Wight, Grosvenor Hall, West Runton and Overstrand Hall (subject to availability).

If your child is attending a surf school or watersports holiday, please also pack

  • Additional towel
  • Wet socks or old trainers
  • Swimwear 

Mobile phone policy

We do appreciate that mobile phones and cameras are part of our modern world and whilst you may wish for your child/ren to bring their phones/cameras to camp; please ensure that they are insured since Kingswood Camps will not accept any responsibility for loss, theft or damage. We do suggest that it does make for a better experience if mobile phones remain at home as this allows for a more enriched camp experience. We expect all campers to use their phones/cameras responsibly and for parents/guardians to discuss this with their child prior to camp. All campers must adhere to the following guidelines and failure to follow these will be considered a breach of policy and may result (after discussion with parent/guardian) in the phone being confiscated and/or the camper being disciplined or removed from camp. Phones and cameras:-

  • must not be used in dormitories

  • must not be used during activities

  • must not be used during meal times

  • taking of photographs/media of other campers or staff is permitted with their permission only

  • there is no access to Kingswood Camps Wifi ·parents can contact the Camp and arrange a call with child/ren if required

  • posting of inappropriate and unauthorised text and images in not supported by Kingswood Camps and is the responsibility of the mobile phone/camper operator to ensure that they are using appropriately.

We can arrange for phones/cameras to be placed within our security box and given back to receive calls from home if required.

Please do not bring these items

Expensive designer trainers and clothing, MP3 players, tablets, too much money, games consoles, skateboards, pen knives, lighters and matches, food (your child will get plenty at camp!), expensive cameras, stereos, aerosols (e.g deodorants, hairspray) and torches.

Lost property

Kingswood Camps accepts no responsibility for guests’ items left on camp. When contacted, we will however, make every effort to locate lost items and return them to you subject to a postage and packaging charge. We strongly recommend you purchase a Kingswood Camps t-shirts or camp kit whilst on camp. You might want to also include this packing list with your child’s things – we find it helps them remember what they’ve packed at the end of their stay. Please make sure all personal items are labelled with the child’s name.